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Camp Category: Academics, Culinary, Gifted, Leadership, Life Skills, STEM, Adventure, Arts, Arts and Crafts, Dance, Fashion Design, Film, Music, Other Arts, Day Camps, Specialty, Family, Winter and Spring Break, Sports, Basketball, Go Carts, Other Sports, Rock Climbing, Soccer, Water Sports, Technology, Flash Animation, Computers, Digital Video, Game Design and Networking, Programming, and Robotics

The summer camp that trusts kids to choose their own adventure in film, fashion design, breadmaking, coding, stop-motion animation, music, dance, and so much more.

With 36+ locations across the country, for kids ages 4-12, plus a leadership program for youth ages 13+. 

Flexible, fully refundable day passes and memberships available.

Extended hours (730am-6pm) and a delicious lunch menu are both included in the camp fee.

With the widest range of activities of any day camp, kids get to do what they love in a judgment-free world that helps them develop the self-confidence to reach their potential.

* * *

Steve & Kate’s Camp was founded on the belief that when you trust kids, they learn to trust themselves, and develop a creative confidence that will help them unleash their true potential.

So for 39 years, we’ve been offering summer day camps where kids choose their own adventure through a range of activities, including film, fashion, breadmaking, stop-motion animation, coding, music, dance, sports, and the occasional pie-throwing.

Steve & Kate’s Camp offers a safe, judgment-free environment where kids can be themselves, explore their passions, and make a few mistakes along the way. And because they’re making their own choices, they find a sense of meaning in their activities that is hard to find elsewhere.


We offer a uniquely flexible camp model that parents love. You can purchase Day Passes or full summer Memberships, good for any day at any location. You don’t even need to tell us that you’re coming – just show up and we’ll be ready for you.

And because we know that you’re busy and schedules change, we automatically refund all unused Day Passes and under-utilized Memberships by mid-September. Boom.


We can’t pretend to know what your schedule looks like, so we offer industry-leading hours with no extra charge. Every single one of our camps is open from 730am until 6pm, and you can drop off or pick up at any time in that window.


We have 36+ locations across America, with camp locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Boston, DC, Virginia, and Atlanta. And your camp passes are good at every single location.


We’re a self-directed summer camp, meaning that kids get to choose their own activities and lean into their passions. To make that work, we offer the widest range of activities of any summer day camp, including:

  • Film Studio (featuring live-action film and stop-motion animation)
  • Fashion Studio (where kids can make their own clothes and accessories using real sewing machines)
  • Coding Studio (where kids use engaging games to learn the fundamentals of coding)
  • Breadmaking Studio (where kids make their own bread, from scratch)
  • Music Studio (where kids can sing, DJ, and make their own music with dynamic MIDI boards)
  • – A chill-out lounge filled with board games, building blocks, and other recreational games
  • Theme Weeks (weekly themed challenges that unite campers from all creative studios around a common theme to inspire collaboration and community)
  • – Weekly Specials, each week we introduce a rotating specials, from maker-challenges to showstoppers (like go-karts, Zorbs, or slip-and-slide castles) to bring extra variety campers that are sure to fall in love with
  • – Hide-and-go-seek with our camp mascot, Chucky the Chicken
  • – Friday is Pie Day, where campers get to let loose and throw a pie at their friends or even their counselors (with their consent, of course)
  • – Game Show (a fun-filled gameshow with tons of prizes)
  • – Dancing (featuring Just Dance!)
  • – Sports 
  • – Robotics
  • – Free play
  • – And much, much more!

All of the above activities are available at every single camp. But our camp directors are notoriously creative, and they tend to have some special up their sleeve that you can only find at their camp. If you give your local camp director a call, we’re sure you can get them to spill the beans.


Above all else, we believe that kids deserve to be trusted. So we train our staff to let kids make their own decisions. Rather than telling our campers what to do, our staff are trained to support what the kids decide is important to them. This creates a culture where kids feel agency, and develop a creative confidence that helps them believe in themselves and pursue their passions.


We think of food as an essential source of creative fuel for our campers. That’s why we include a delicious lunch menu in our camp fee.

2019 DATES

Our dates range from the early June to late August, depending on your camp location. (Click on a specific location to see the dates that your site is open.)


Our prices change depending on your preferred camp location (to accommodate differences in costs). So you can enter your nearest camp location in our fees page to get a better idea.

But one thing stays the same: the more days you buy, the cheaper every day gets.