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Step 3: Get Found Online serves as an essential platform for parents actively seeking diverse and enriching summer experiences for their children. By aggregating a comprehensive list of summer camps across various categories—including arts, sports, academic, and adventure camps—this platform simplifies the discovery process for parents. This ease of access is crucial for camp directors aiming to market their camps effectively. It not only amplifies their visibility among a targeted audience of engaged parents but also positions their camps in front of those seeking new and memorable summer opportunities for their kids. For camp directors, leveraging means tapping into a dedicated channel that connects their unique offerings with parents eager to find the perfect summer setting for their children, thus enhancing enrollment opportunities and overall camp success.

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Emma T

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Ava R

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do summer camps in cost?

Day camps in typically run between $100-$1,000 per week. This amount can vary tremendously based on location, activities, length of sessions, days of the week, food provided, and more. Typically, city and non-profit sponsored summer camps range from $100-$300 per week. Sports day camps are usually in the middle, ranging from $300-$700 per week. The top end of camps ranges from $700-$1000+ per week and usually includes activities such as coding, STEM, or niche sports such as horseback riding or squash.

How long are summer camps in ?

Summer day camps range anywhere from one week to eight weeks on average. Most camps are on week and last either Monday-Thursday or Monday-Friday. Some camps only run on certain days of the week, and some camps may have limited hours that do not cover an entire work day.

Are summer camps tax deductible?

In the United States, summer day camps receive even better treatment than being tax deductible - they may qualify for a tax credit. Under the Child Care and Dependent Care Tax Credit, you may be able to receive a credit against your taxes provided the following conditions are met:

  • Child attends a day camp so you can work or look for work
  • You have earned income during the tax year
  • Child is under the age of 13
  • Identify the summer camp provide on your tax return

What do you do at summer camps in ?

At day camp, kids and teens enjoy a variety of fun and enriching activities throughout the day before returning home each evening. Our programs include outdoor adventures like hiking, swimming, and sports, as well as creative pursuits such as arts and crafts, music, and drama. Campers also participate in team-building exercises, nature exploration, and themed events. Guided by experienced counselors, children develop new skills, discover interests, and make new friends in a supportive and dynamic environment. Each day is packed with excitement and learning, ensuring campers have a memorable and rewarding summer experience.

Is summer camp worth it?

Absolutely, summer camp is worth it! The experience provides invaluable benefits that extend beyond just having fun. Campers develop important life skills such as independence, teamwork, and resilience, all while making new friends and creating cherished memories. The variety of activities offered—from sports and outdoor adventures to arts and crafts—helps children discover new interests and talents. Guided by dedicated counselors, campers also learn leadership and problem-solving skills in a supportive environment. The personal growth, confidence, and joy that campers gain make summer camp a worthwhile investment in their development and happiness.