Football Summer Camp

Fall football starts with summer time and going to a summer camp specializing in football is a great way to build skills, confidence and maintain momentum. Many camps offer instruction by NFL or college players […]

Baseball Camp, Anyone?

Baseball summer camps are offered to children every summer. Your kids can go to Nike’s Baseball Camps, or the major league baseball summer camp or other camps offered by local colleges and groups. Baseball camps […]

What Camp Should Your Kids Attend – Humor

We love this funny NickMom (lol) infographic to help you figure out what camp your kids should attend. Any of these make you laugh? Want something better for your kids camp experience? That’s what […]

Vintage Summer Camp Pictures from Yesteryear

Visit history through these images of camps and campers from years gone by. This is a great collection, giving glimpses into camp life ranging over decades between the 20’s and the 70’s. Activities aren’t so […]

Swimming at Camp Made Safer

Wilton YMCA camp in Connecticut makes swimming safer for their campers with a swim monitoring system in addition to a legion of lifeguards. The Wahoo Swim Monitoring system uses headbands worn by the swimmers to […]

Boom Chicka Boom

Repeat after me songs are a given at summer camp. Participation is mandatory and you can’t help but smile when you hear them. Boom Chicka Boom is a classic and every camp puts a unique […]

The Ultimate Packing List For Summer Camp

Preparing a packing list for when you send your child off to summer camp is an extremely important part of going to camp. For parents who are sending their child to summer camp for the […]

Choosing a Sports Summer Camp

Your child is off from school for three months and when thinking about summer activities, you have a myriad of options to choose from, such as summer camps, summer school, vacations, or simply relaxing. Summer […]

From Blob to Lake

Popular on camps with lakes (what camp doesn’t have a lake or some kind of water?) the blob can launch a swimmer high into the air, into the water. Wonder which is more fun: jumping […]

3 Reasons to Send Your Kids to Summer Camp

While children are excited for a three-month break from school, summer break can cause panic and anxiety in parents. What will we do to keep our children busy? Kids will want to sleep in, play […]

Magic Tricks at Summer Camp

Things you do at camp. Making magic with a piece of string via a Vine video. Did you ever learn to do tricks like these when you were at camp? String Theory – String Figures […]

Is Your Child Ready for Overnight Camp?

Summer camp can be such fun for children of all ages. Younger children normally start out going to day camps which are limited to a couple of hours away from home. As they get older, […]

The Y Generation Goes to Summer Camp

Children who attended summer camp in the past did so knowing they would have a week or so full of fun activities. Generation Y children of all ages, however, may have difficulties if they are […]

Choosing the Right Summer Camp

Summer camp is more than just learning to shoot an arrow or paddle a canoe. It’s an opportunity for children to learn responsibilities and how to get along in a community setting and become independent, […]

Shadow Ridge Equestrian Center

Camp memories last forever. We make sure they are unforgettable! Shadow Ridge Equestrian Center Summer Camps offer so many exciting things for you to do. Our emphasis is on Fun, Safety and Friendship. Unlike other […]

Why Go To A Film/Acting For Film Camp?

This summer, the New York Film Academy will be running its annual Film and Acting For Film camps for teens between the ages of 13 to 17. Students will get a hands-on experience from writing, […]

Many good reasons to send a child to camp

There are so many good reasons to send a child to camp and I will make this piece short since the most important reasons are summed up quite easily. by Mark Diamond, Camp Manitou When […]

A Camp Chatuga Story

Dear Camp Chatuga Counselors & Staff, I never got to attend summer camp as a child. So when we had our family meeting last January about what we’d do this summer, I just couldn’t get […]

Choosing a Golf Camp

Facility: Look to see where the school is held. Proximity to your home is a consideration but not always the #1 priority. If the school is out of town determine how far of a drive […]

Why an ACA-Accredited Camp?

Fun And Safety — ACA Camps Set the Standard brought to you by the American Camp Association ACA Accreditation means that your child’s camp cares enough to undergo a thorough (up to 300 standards) review […]