All English 2nd Language

Is your child working on learning English as a 2nd language?  Attending a summer camp with this focus is a perfect way for them to explore while giving them experience and confidence.  We have curated some of the best summer camps from around the country that focus on English as a 2nd language.  Browse our selection and find the perfect fit for your child.

  • Civilisation- A Multiple Intelligence Project

  • Soccer Camps International England

  • KEF USA English ESL Camp

  • KEF English ESL Camp with Theme Parks

  • Seattle Language and Culture Institute

  • Camps in Turkey

  • Jey Camp

  • Japanese Language Camps and ESL Camps at Koby Learning Group

  • UCIrvine ThinkTank Learning Summer Camp 2017

  • XUK Camps

  • D’Angon Academy English Summer Camp

  • English Language Learner Camps – International School of Minnesota

  • Lawrence Academy Summer Programs

  • Exploration Summer Programs: EXPLO at Wellesley

  • Exploration Summer Programs: Explo at Wheaton

  • Exploration Summer Programs: EXPLO at Yale

  • Saint Thomas More School Summer Academic Camp