SummerCamps.com is the premier website for connecting camps and campers. We have been doing this since 1995. We value each of our customers and pride ourselves on superior customer service for the camps we list and the camper-families that visit our site.

SummerCamps.com Core Values
This is what motivates us every day:

  • Nurture a fun and engaging community of camps and camper-families
  • Create the best value possible for our community
  • Provide outstanding service, going beyond the basic and necessary to the outstanding
  • Lead with honesty and integrity
  • Learn and improve

We will continue to offer the best value and the fastest and easiest way to research, find and book the perfect summer camp for your children. With over 10 million kids attending summer camps this year, Summercamps.com will strive to live our values with every interaction.

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Head of Website Operations – Lisa Brown

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With over 26 years of experience in web design, development, and search engine optimization, I have a rich history in the ever-evolving online world.

From the era of dial-up and notepad to the diverse digital landscape of today, I’ve kept pace with technology’s fast strides and adapted my expertise accordingly.

But I’m not just a web designer. I’m also a creative and  published author. I understand the power of stories, how they can engage and inspire, and I bring that understanding into my work.

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Head of Operations – Michael Weinstein

I’m the owner of Siro Holdings, a holding company that buys, builds, and grows digital media brands (basically content websites or blogs, similar to the one you’re on right now!)michael weinstein headshot summercamps.com

We focus on websites that have existing search engine traffic, plenty of backlinks, and opportunities to increase traffic and revenue. We primarily buy websites monetized with display ads, but we’re also doing more affiliate marketing, digital product sales, lead generation, and experimenting with newsletters.

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