Pierce Camp Birchmont

Pierce Camp Birchmont

Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, United States

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Camp Category: ACA Accredited, Academics, Animals, Gardening, Life Skills, Adventure, Wilderness, Arts, Arts and Crafts, Ceramics, Dance, Drama, Performing Arts, Residential, Sports, Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Boating, Canoeing, Equestrian, Fishing, Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Golf, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Kayaking, Lacrosse, Nature Studies, Other Sports, Riflery, Ropes, Running, Sailing, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Wake Boarding, Water Skiing, Water Sports, Yoga, and Zipline

The Birchmont Experience from Greg Pierce on Vimeo.

Camp Birchmont was founded by the Pierce family in 1951 and three generations of the Pierce family have owned and directed camp ever since.  Set on 300 acres in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and nestled against pristine, sand bottomed Lake Wentworth, Birchmont’s campus is almost as unique its culture, program, and philosophy.  As a traditional summer camp, we offer an extremely varied program of over 40 activities that allows our campers to improve current skills as well as discover new interests.  Birchmont is a co-ed resident camp (with separate boys and girls camps on the property) serving campers aged 7 to 15 and offers a choice of  7, 4 or 3 Week sessions.  Our motto: “There are no strangers within, only friends waiting to be met.”  We hope to see you this summer!

Birchmont's Philosophy - We Want to Partner with You!

You know your child better than anyone. We understand the power of camp better than anyone. Together, amazing growth can happen as we create a mutual investment in your child’s future.

At Birchmont, we have five goals for our campers.

  1. To make new friends and develop stronger social skills.
  2. To gain or discover new athletic, artistic and outdoor living skills.
  3. To become more independent.
  4. To learn from positive adult role models.
  5. To have fun!

Our entire program is intentionally structured to promote these goals and deliver an impactful experience in the life of your child.

Living in a cabin with a group of peers fosters a sense of community, sharing, responsibility, and strong friendships. Cabin life also advances social skills as children learn to be part of a community and actively participate in the inherent give and take of such a setting.

As a traditional summer camp, we offer an extremely varied program that allows our campers to improve current skills as well as discover new ones. We work diligently with every camper to make progress in all of these areas.

While new skills may be obvious, newfound independence can be more subtle. You will certainly notice an improved forehand on the tennis court, but once your child returns home we hope you will also see more confident decision making, more willingness to take on responsibilities, and more resiliency when solving a problem.

Lastly, camp is fun! Where else do you get to have an on-going sleepover with your best friends at a giant outdoor playground? Top that off by the fact that you’ll be supervised by cool, young role models that have the energy to play all day. What could be better? The positive effects of camp on a child’s development will serve them well for a lifetime!