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Is your child interested in learning about computers or how to become a scientist? Attending a summer camp with this focus is a perfect way for them to explore while giving them experience and confidence.  We have curated some of the best summer camps from around the country that focus on technology.  Browse our selection and find the perfect fit for your child.

  • Project Endeavor Silicon Valley

  • Project Endeavor Silicon Valley

  • Bermotech Camps for Kids and Teens

  • San Diego Art Camp

  • LEGO Robotics Camp

  • Maker Depot Academy

  • Constructu’s STEM Summer Camp

  • Tidewater Summer Bridges Enrichment Program

  • Robotics and Coding- Day Camp for all ages!!!

  • Jr. Robotics Camp

  • Stop Motion Animation Camp – BEAM Experiences

  • Video Game Design Camp – BEAM Experiences

  • Robotics Camp – BEAM Experiences

  • Screenwriting Camp

  • Camp Hollywood at Point Park University

  • Camping Iceland

  • Coding…GAME ON!

  • Engineering for Kids Central Florida

  • Creator Camp by Outstanding Kids

  • Engineering For Kids Central Florida

  • Tech Park Summer Camp @ Willowood

  • YES S.T.E.M. Summer Camp 2017

  • NOVA SySTEMic Solutions STEM Summer Camps

  • GenCyber Student Camp

  • TymeMachine Technology Camp for Kids