US Sports Multi-Sports Camps

US Sports Multi-Sports Camps

San Rafael, California, United States

Camp Category: International, Sports, and Other Sports

US Sports Multisport Camps
Multisport camps offer young athletes the opportunity to hone their skills in a fun cross-training environment. At US Sports sports camps, you’ll improve your game, make lots of new friends, and have a blast doing it! Highlights .

World Sports Camp Multisport Camps
The World Sports Camp mission is to create a safe and positive sports environment, where children from around the world, ages 6 through 16, can interact while improving their athletic skills. World Sports Camp allows for campers to choose which sports, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis and Golf and to what degree they will be involved. Highlights .

CampGroup Multisport Camps
All CampGroup camps are independently operated by outstanding directors and meet a standard of excellence. The spirit of Camp Mah-Kee-Nac lies in the strong sense of community and opportunities for a boy’s individual growth. Mah-Kee-Nac campers achieve personal goals through teamwork, leadership and friendships.