Movie Makeup Specialty at Pali Adventures

Movie Makeup Specialty at Pali Adventures

Running Springs, California, United States

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Camp Category: ACA Accredited, Dance, Drama, Film, Music, Other Arts, Photography, Visual Arts, and Residential

Throughout your week in Pali’s Movie Makeup Specialty you will learn the secrets of creating movie magic! Under the guidance of professional makeup artists, you will learn how to make a fellow camper look gorgeous or turn them into a zombie or The Hulk.

Lessons on makeup application, matching skin color are the foundation of the program. Learn how to mold clay to create unique disguises like bald caps or fake noses. Experience the thrill of creating gashes, cuts, and head wounds! Your work will look so real you might even scare yourself.

Using your mastery of make-up techniques will allow you to work with the campers in the Pali Film Institute to create the makeup effects for their productions. These productions will be screened at the Pali Showcase in front of hundreds of cheering campers.