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We know that preparing for camp can be time consuming and difficult so we’ve taken the stress out by offering a curated list of key items that you may need for your camper. To make it even easier, we have organized our marketplace by camp type. Just look below for the type of camp your camper will attend, and see some of the top items your camper will need for a fantastic camp experience.


Sending your camper on an adventure? For this type of camp, they will need some special gear for hiking, camping, and exploring. Often it all must fit into a backpack of some type to keep their hands free and their equipment close. Some of the key items for the Adventure Camper:


If you have an athlete in your camper, he or she will need to be prepared for the sports of their dreams with special equipment, as well as some general items that all athletes need. Often the sports camps provide some equipment such as balls and bats for baseball camp, but your camper may want his or her own equipment, too. Check with your camp director to be sure you know exactly what the camp provides. Here are some items for your Athlete Camper


Your camper is a creative type and needs the tools and materials to make their camping experience as fun as possible. Your camp likely provides basic materials, but you may want to replicate those tools and materials at home so your camper can practice their new skills when they get home. Some items for the Artist Camper:


So your camper is a student this summer. Always good to keep up with academics during summer and academic camps are just the thing. They can provide your camper with reinforcement of skills and topics your camper studied in school and offer new skills and knowledge that supplement your camper. Technology camps are another way to expand your camper’s knowledge with exposure to the latest programming and gaming skills. Here are some items for your student or technologist:

General Day Camps

Going to camp every day is a big endeavor and your day-camper needs to be prepared with a backpack of their key things for the day. Some day camps serve lunch and others expect the camper to bring lunch (check with your camp director to be sure). But all day campers need some supplies. Here are some key things to send with your day camper:

Overnight Camps

Spending a week or a month (or more) away from home has it’s own requirements. Campers need some of the basics like pillows and linens (or a sleeping bag), but they also need some personal items that make their bunk feel like home. Here are some items for your overnight camper: