Choosing the Right Summer Camp

Summer camp is more than just learning to shoot an arrow or paddle a canoe. It’s an opportunity for children to learn responsibilities and how to get along in a community setting and become independent, away from Mom and Dad.

Choosing a camp that’s best for their child can be a difficult decision for many parents. It comes down to knowing your options. Some camps have very structured programs and others are more flexible with their daily activities. Some programs promote competition and rivalry among camp teams, while others encourage cooperative learning. Some camps are better for first-time campers, and others offer more wilderness and adventure-type activities for the veteran camper. Parents need to look for camps that fit their child’s personality and interests to determine where he/she might fit best.

Additionally, parents should look for a camp that’s accredited by the American Camping Association (ACA), which is similar to Good Housekeeping’s seal of approval.

The bottom line is comfort for you and comfort for your child. You want your children to have a camp experience that gives memories that last a lifetime.

By Alyson Gondek , camp co-director for Camp Woodmont on Lookout Mountain in NW Georgia