Code Ninjas Camps 2019

Code Ninjas Camps 2019

Multiple, Locations, United States
Focus on: STEM

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Camp Category: Academics, Gifted, Math, STEM, Day Camps, Specialty, After School, Technology, 3D-Design, Computers, Game Design and Networking, Game Modding, Programming, and Robotics


Transform your child’s love for technology and video games into an exciting learning adventure. Code Ninjas Camps offer an immersive environment for children to develop new skills, gain confidence, and have a blast with friends. It’s an unforgettable experience!

  • Fun for girls & boys ages 7-14
  • Half and full day camps available
  • Held at our high-tech centers – available nationwide
  • Space is limited – reserve your spot today

Camp offerings may vary. Contact your local center for details.


5 New Camps for 2019! (Available Soon)

  1. RoboPRO
    • Beginners – A series of robotics activities based on the Ninja Toolbox, a special robotics kit available only at Code Ninjas. Original projects for students to build and learn more about robotics.
    • Advanced – A more complex series of activities requiring the Ninja Toolbox++, the advanced version of the special robotics kit available only at Code Ninjas. Participants will be expected to know the basics of robotics already, and will work on projects requiring more advanced codes and robotics engineering with the Toolbox++.
  2. Browse & Build – A camp where students will learn the details of creating their own website, and will learn how to build games that can be made entirely in code without the assistance of a game building engine.
  3. Snap It Together – A series of activities utilizing the Arduino and snap circuits to create fun projects!
  4. App Builders’ Club – Use the MIT App Inventor framework to build your own apps! Students will spend a day brainstorming potential app ideas. Over the next few days, they will build and complete these ideas using the MIT App Inventor.
  5. Hack Attack! – A competitive camp where students will be given broken games and access to their code. They’ll have to fix these games in as few lines of added (or removed!) code to make the games winnable. They’ll learn the logic of play-testing and bug-fixing as they hack their way through these activities!

Game Builder’s Club

This camp is the funnest place for your child to build their very own video game every single day! Their game building skills will progress further each day, and they’ll have a blast every step of the way. Games are made in Scratch, and children ages 7-14 of all experience levels will have a great time. If your child is looking for a more advanced challenge, Beginning JavaScript is also a great option.

Beginning JavaScript

In this camp, ninjas will learn real JavaScript starting on day 1. They will progress through creating numerous JavaScript applications that can run in a browser or even on a server using node.js. It’s not strictly game based, so students who take this course should be looking for a deeper understanding of real coding.

Code Drones
This camp allows ninjas to see their code come to life by coding their very own drone! They will learn how make their drone do a series of tricks and follow certain flight paths.  Kids love to build their drone, set it up, and then make their own challenges.

Minecraft Create

A project-filled camp where students will be able to use multiple programs to build objects and import them into their very own Minecraft world! This is the perfect environment for your child to learn about editing and modeling their own 3D objects, practice solving Redstone circuit puzzles, and interact with their fellow Minecraft lovers. The curriculum is designed for all ages, and all levels of experience. This camp is not textbook based; it will be guided by our awesome team of Code Senseis.

Roblox Create

In this camp, students learn the basics of building and creating in Roblox (a family-friendly, user-generated online gaming platform like Minecraft). In Roblox, your child can create much more than just a game. Every student will design, plan, and build their own 3D world! This camp is not textbook based; it will be guided by our awesome team of Code Senseis.