5 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Summer Camp

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Sending a child away for summer camp is a big step for most parents. They want to know their child will enjoy their camp experience but they may not know how to find the best camp to meet their child’s needs. Take a few minutes to go to www.SummerCamps.com to help you find a camp near you and get advice about five questions to ask before you choose a summer camp.

If your child hasn’t been to summer camp before or you’ve recently moved to a different state, you may not know the best summer camps near you. Here are five questions you’ll want to get answers to when researching the different camp options available to you:

  1. What is the staff to child ratio or the counselor to child ratio? You want to be sure your child is well supervised while they’re away at camp. Guidelines set forth by the American Camp Association (ACA) include: overnight ratios of 1:6 for 7 to 8 years old campers, 1:8 for campers 9 to 14 years old, and 1:10 for campers 15-18 years old. Day camp ratios would be a little different. 1:8 for campers 6 to 8, 1:10 for those 9-14, and 1:12 for campers in the 15-18 age range. Special needs camps would have a much lower counselor to camper ratio.
  2. What is the camp’s cancellation policy? There are very few guarantees in life. When you make plans for your child to attend camp you do so in good faith. Your child is looking forward to their camp experience but something happens and plans change. While you may expect to pay a part of the fee for cancelling, you shouldn’t have to pay for something your child can’t attend.
  3. What medical training or services are available on site? Camps accredited by the ACA recommend that every overnight camp have a registered nurse or licensed doctor on site. Day camps may only have direct phone access. Most, if not all, of the counselors and staff will also have been trained in first aid and CPR. Discuss your child’s medical needs with the camp staff before and get a satisfactory response before choosing a camp. Your child’s health and well-being are the utmost importance to you; you will want to ensure any camp you choose will be able to meet your child’s needs.
  4. Does the camp have an emergency evacuation or emergency preparedness plan in case of natural disasters? No one can guarantee your child’s camp will be sunny and bright the entire time. You’ll want to know your child is safe and how the camp addresses natural emergencies such as tornadoes or flooding.
  5. Will the camp be transporting the campers for any reason? If they are, what type of vehicle will be used and what type of insurance is carried for them? Who is driving them and what type of training do they have? How often are they inspected?

These are only a few questions you may want to ask when trying to find a summer camp for your child. The website www.SummerCamps.com lists several other questions you might want to ask, as well. Remember, you want your child to have fun during summer camp but you also want them to be safe. Getting answers to these questions can help set your mind at ease about their safety.