Today’s Camps Are Not the Same Old Summer Camp You Attended

You may have attended summer camp you were a child. And while you may have enjoyed yourself you may have wanted something more. Today’s camps are not the same old summer camp you attended.

Years ago children would have attended summer camp and expected to enjoy a variety of activities. They would have spent some time doing arts and crafts during a specific time during the day. Later on they would have spent time swimming or canoeing. Depending upon the camp they attended they may also have had an opportunity to ride horses. Some may have learned archery skills.

Summer camps were designed to expose children to things they may not have a chance to experience during their normal life. They also gave children an opportunity to meet people from other areas of the state or country. In many cases children were able to make friendships which last a lifetime.

Children attending summer camp today have opportunities you may not have had. Many camps offer focused activities for the entire time children are at camp. For instance, children who are interested in computers may be able to find summer camps which offer skills such as web design, game design, virtual camps and 3-D design.

Other types of focused content camps may be planned for children involved in particular sports. You can easily find football, basketball, golf, volley ball, gymnastics, running and other sport camps. If your child plays a sport during the school year this type of summer camp would be a great opportunity for your child to increase their skills during the off-season.

Is your child interested in the arts? You can find drama and theater arts camps. You can also find camps which are focused on playing a specific musical instrument. In fact, you might be able to find a summer camp for nearly any activity or interest your child has.

What about children who love horses? In summer camps of the past children might be able to ride horses one or two times during a week. There are summer camps specifically designed for children who enjoy equestrian sports but they may not be offered in every state.

Do you have a child who enjoys learning or has specific educational goals? Academic and college prep summer camps may be a good choice for them. Children who are struggling in school can also benefit from educational summer camps offered by tutoring companies.

Most people who experienced summer camp as a child look back on those weeks during the summer with fondness. You want your child to have the same opportunities as you had but know that today’s summer camps aren’t the same as the old summer camp you attended. You want something different for them.

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