Football Summer Camp

Fall football starts with summer time and going to a summer camp specializing in football is a great way to build skills, confidence and maintain momentum. Many camps offer instruction by NFL or college players […]

Baseball Camp, Anyone?

Baseball summer camps are offered to children every summer. Your kids can go to Nike’s Baseball Camps, or the major league baseball summer camp or other camps offered by local colleges and groups. Baseball camps […]

Swimming at Camp Made Safer

Wilton YMCA camp in Connecticut makes swimming safer for their campers with a swim monitoring system in addition to a legion of lifeguards. The Wahoo Swim Monitoring system uses headbands worn by the swimmers to […]

Choosing a Sports Summer Camp

Your child is off from school for three months and when thinking about summer activities, you have a myriad of options to choose from, such as summer camps, summer school, vacations, or simply relaxing. Summer […]

From Blob to Lake

Popular on camps with lakes (what camp doesn’t have a lake or some kind of water?) the blob can launch a swimmer high into the air, into the water. Wonder which is more fun: jumping […]

Choosing a Golf Camp

Facility: Look to see where the school is held. Proximity to your home is a consideration but not always the #1 priority. If the school is out of town determine how far of a drive […]