The Brain Injury Association of Georgia’s adult Camp Hardgrove – in partnership with Camp Twin Lakes

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Camp Category: Arts and Crafts, Day Camps, Non-Denominational, Residential, Special Needs Camps, Developmental Disabilities, Archery, Canoeing, Horseback Riding, and Swimming

Camp Hardgrove is celebrating many years as an overnight program for persons with brain injury. Adults and caregivers are served in this terrific program. Camp Hardgrove is the most complete and cost-effective recreational program in the Southeast for the special needs of people affected by brain injury. Camp sessions are called “life-changing” by campers and re-introduce life skills and socialization to survivors of brain injury.

What does that mean for brain injury survivors? It means they will experience the joys of camp and activities we take for granted. Planned activities allow survivors with special needs a time where they have fun like anyone else who goes to camp, while their caregivers can find quiet moments of respite. This experience renews the mind and body and reaffirms the ability of those suffering from brain injuries and their caregivers to face future challenges.