Sternberg Science Camps

Sternberg Science Camps

Hays, Kansas, United States
Focus on: Science

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Camp Category: Academics, Animals, Biology, Environmental Studies, GeoScience, Leadership, Other Academics, Pre-College, Science, STEM, Adventure, Wilderness, International Travel, International, Residential, Sports, and Nature Studies

We are an outdoor experiential education camp program focused on topics in the earth and life sciences. In addition to advanced academic content, students are taught how to conduct field research professionally in field settings.  Professional research scientists and science educators work closely with students throughout each camp, as they collect specimens and data for ongoing projects and studies. We emphasize students making observations and asking questions. If students ask, they want to know, and the answer can inspire new questions. This is how science works, and students are taught how to hone and focus their questions, as one would in doing research.

Skill-building is also central to our middle and high school students. We provide authentic, professional-grade field equipment in all of our overnight camps. Students are trained to use all of the camping and field science equipment attached to their respective programs in a safe, responsible manner. These skills are not just important in the context of the work done in the camp programs. They can open doors to future opportunities in high school, college, and into jobs and careers. Beyond technical abilities, we also work with students to develop their initiative, teamwork, and leadership skills that are crucial in any field. We want to make sure every student who participates in the field camps has the chance to strengthen their self-confidence, learn how to best pursue their academic goals, and discover as much as they can in their time with us.

The Sternberg Science Camps’ instructors are practicing science educators and research scientists. We take care to find broadly trained staff excited about working with youth in field science settings. Many of our field instructors are published researchers with special interest in youth outreach, and science educators with extensive experience in outdoor settings. Our teaching assistants and counselors are most often earth and life science graduate students, and exceptionally involved, enthusiastic alumni of our program. We believe that the opportunity for mentorship and informed training by our specialized staff gives our students a unique opportunity to learn the real ins and outs of pursuing a career in the earth and life sciences.

The Sternberg Science Camps are built around a core philosophy of student development and advancement. We provide our students with training to use new tools, and present them with knowledge to pursue their goals.

Having a core set of field skills can be incredibly valuable for students looking to advance their opportunities in the natural sciences. By introducing and developing these essential and specialized skills, we train our students to be productive, competitive, and prepared for work in science beyond the classroom.

Field work is a land of extremes. Our students are taught to safely and responsibly carry out field tasks in a variety of favorable and adverse conditions. In doing this, students discover their own resilience and strength. Students are taught to monitor themselves and others in their team, and take initiative to get the job done right.

Advanced Academics
We introduce our students to foundational concepts in earth and life sciences to start out our field programs. Students are set up to learn content quickly as we build understanding through observations and focused discussions. Our staff are broadly trained in the topics of their respective camps, and are excited to engage with student questions.

We are program built for science lovers, by science lovers. We enjoy spending time in the field, and want to make sure our students see that while field science can be hard work, it’s also a ton of fun. From outdoor discoveries to making new friends, we strive to keep the work of field science balanced with a healthy dose of laughter!