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Moolah U

Austin, Texas, United States

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Camp Category: Academics, Business, and Life Skills

Moolah U

Kids Start-Up Business Camp

Why not give your kid a dose of fiscal reality this summer? Expect it to be a little bit more fun than that, because the kids keep any money they earn over the course of the week. Campers develop a business plan, weigh the costs, execute the plan, and keep the excess dough. There are multiple locations all around town, so yours can collect cash no matter where home is.

Campers develop a business idea, including a marketing plan, analyzing expenses and potential profit, delivering a good or service, determining how to invest the profits. The business partners then pitch their idea to our Barracudas to get a loan for their supplies (Moolah U’s version of Shark Tank) and then produce and sell their product for the week. All this, couched in an environment of play/exploration and a variety of self-directed activities.

Kids leave our program saying it was one of the best experiences that they have had and they return each year to learn more. Moolah U gives them tools to create a life of financial independence and responsibility, the life skills that we know make a difference for the next generation.



Camp Locations Throughout Austin

Austin Java Barton Springs

Capital Factory (Teen Only) 

Casa Chapala

La Madeleine, Sunset Valley 


Logan's Round Rock

Mangia Pizza

St. Edward's University