Kirkwood Camp

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Focus on: Adventure

Camp Category: ACA Accredited, Academics, Leadership, Life Skills, Adventure, Arts, Arts and Crafts, Religious Affiliated Camps, Christian, Non-Denominational, Special Needs Camps, and ADD-HD

Our campers call Kirkwood their home away from home.

We hope this summer that your child will find their home with us too.

Kirkwood’s Summer Camp has helped connect kids to God, creation, and each other for over 59 years at our beautiful 300 acre oasis in Stroudsburg, Pa. We don’t just get kids in through the door, we want to get to know them and be a part of their life’s journey.

As a faith-based non-profit, our program is different from other camps, and you can trust that your kids are going to love it here.

Our program is safe.

Our camps are led by carefully selected and intensely trained staff. They’re great role models for your kids who will remember them for the rest of their lives. Our supervision is comprehensive to make sure everyone in our community is safe physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our program is fun.

We’ve honestly got too many activities to do here in just one week of camp. We are encouraging, energetic, and enthusiastic, and we will challenge your kids in the right ways so they aren’t even thinking about the fact that their video games are lying dormant at home.

Our program is friendly.

We welcome all kids, and we meet them where they are. We are a great camp for kids staying away from home and family for the first time. Our staff are kind and caring.

Our campers feel loved and encouraged–not just babysat and bossed around. 

Our program is faithful.

We create space for kids to get to know Jesus and the bible better, to ask questions, and listen for who God is calling them to be. We are open to all denominations and we do not push a particular agenda or commitment. Our campers leave empowered in their faith and able to make choices and commitments about their spiritual life on their own (however, there is strong evidence that our program makes kids want to be more active in church more).

Our program is creative.

We’ve got a number of unusual camps and programming that keep our campers coming back year after year without getting bored with the same old camp activities.

This includes:

Adventure Camps, multiple different camp offerings that push our campers boundaries and let them have more intense experiences in the outdoors, under the direction of our experienced trip leaders. We have multiple staff who have through-hiked the Appalachian Trail, and multiple staff with an EMT or RN certification, so we are more than prepared to conquer new experiences with any campers who want to tackle something new.

Fantasy Camp, A camp that’s set up like a video game, but happens in real life. We dress up, get crazy names, and try to solve magical problems and save our kingdom.

Night Owl Camp, a week for teens that lets them stay up past 2am and wake up just before lunch, so they can enjoy all that night time in the woods has to offer.

Music and Arts Camps, multiple different camp offerings that allow kids of all skill levels to make music or visual art however they like to, or explore new ways under our expert staff.

We also provide a bus service from the Plymouth Meeting Mall in Philadelphia to and from camp. Let us know if you have questions or want to learn more.

Camps are for 1 or 2 weeks, and our small-group model has campers creating their own small group community of kids their age that’s new every single week. Our program is for rising (fall 2019) 3rd-12th graders.

Kirkwood is a place where kids have fun, are loved by our staff, and leave with more confidence in themselves, and with a stronger relationship with God. Pretty good criteria for a “home away from home.”