Ivy Seed Academy STEM Computer Summer Camps at Harvard

Ivy Seed Academy STEM Computer Summer Camps at Harvard

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Focus on: STEM

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Camp Category: Academics, Business, College Credits, College Prep, Leadership, Math, Other Academics, Pre-College, Science, STEM, Day Camps, Residential, Specialty, After School, Technology, Computers, Game Design and Networking, Game Modding, Hardware, Lego, Robotics, and Web Design

Ivy Seed Academy provides STEM Summer Camps for kids 6-18 years old. We are dedicated to providing a high quality and broad curriculum. At Ivy Seed Camps, we focus on putting knowledge into practice. Students will be able to apply what they learn in class to real-life projects. Learning through this teaching model, students will also be able to develop their problem-solving skills. Our Camps are instructed by our passionate instructors from the top universities. They all have hands-on experiences in both teaching and working in the CS industry. Ivy Seed also offer online and after-school classes in Boston and Brookline.

Our STEM Summer Programs at Harvard include:

  • Minecraft Coding Lab
  • Scratch Programming
  • Game Development Roblox
  • iOS App Development
  • Python Programming
  • UI/UX Design
  • Robotics Programming with Lego EV3
  • Youth High-tech Entrepreneurs