Gakko in Japan

Gakko in Japan

Izumi, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

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Camp Category: Academics, Gifted, Languages, Liberal Arts, International Studies, Adventure, Teen Tour, Tour and Travel, International Travel, Arts, Ceramics, Performing Arts, Theater, Sports, and Hiking

Imagine summer camp in Japan!  Adventurous high schoolers from the US & Canada join their Japanese counterparts for an english-mostly, cross-cultural, mind-blowing summer experience in beautiful Japan.  Collaborate with college-aged counselor-mentors from top schools around the globe to create a camp unlike any other. 

  • Gakko Camp is founded on the principle of  Kikkake: a Japanese word meaning  “the spark among people.” Gakko exposes campers to new connections, fresh perspectives, and innovative ideas. Campers come from around the globe with as many 40 nationalities represented.
  • For two weeks in a beautiful, rural location, Kohai (that’s what we call campers) engage in rigorous workshops and hands-on projects spanning a wide variety of disciplines … e.g., a medical ethics class; an exploration of physics with an electric guitar; designing a game; participating in slam poetry … and much more.
  • This year’s location is known as Japan’s ‘closest school to the sea’. the Ocean School is located on a point with a 180 degree view of the magnificent Kagoshima bay. A renovated sho-gakko — Japanese for elementary school — the venue is refurbished with modern facilities. What’s more, within the premise is a private beach destined for adventures this summer.
  • Our Sempai (that’s what we call counselors) have represented academic institutions such as Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Oxford, and Sciences Po (Paris). Their diverse skill sets — and passion for teaching — ignite the Kohais’ curiosity with hands-on, experiential learning.
  • Sempai and Kohai collaborate to create a unique learning experience among a diverse group of international high school campers, looking for “something more” in their education … and themselves. Together Sempai and Kohai create a vibrant, unique, life-changing camp community