Gakko in Japan

TBA, TBA, Japan

Camp Category: Academics, Gifted, Liberal Arts, International Studies, Arts, Ceramics, Performing Arts, Theater, Sports, and Hiking

Imagine summer camp in Japan!  Adventurous high schoolers from the US & Canada join their Japanese counterparts for an english-mostly, cross-cultural, mind-blowing summer experience in beautiful Japan.  Collaborate with college-aged counselor-mentors from top schools around the globe to create a camp unlike any other. 

  • Gakko Camp is founded on the principle of  Kikkake: a Japanese word meaning  “the spark among people.” Gakko exposes campers to new connections, fresh perspectives, and innovative ideas. Campers come from around the globe with as many 40 nationalities represented.
  • For two weeks in a beautiful, rural location, Kohai (that’s what we call campers) engage in rigorous workshops and hands-on projects spanning a wide variety of disciplines … e.g., a medical ethics class; an exploration of physics with an electric guitar; designing a game; participating in slam poetry … and much more.
  • Our Sempai (that’s what we call counselors) have represented academic institutions such as Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Oxford, and Sciences Po (Paris). Their diverse skill sets — and passion for teaching — ignite the Kohais’ curiosity with hands-on, experiential learning.
  • Sempai and Kohai collaborate to create a unique learning experience among a diverse group of international high school campers, looking for “something more” in their education … and themselves. Together Sempai and Kohai create a vibrant, unique, life-changing camp community