DigiPen's ProjectFUN Summer Workshops

DigiPen’s ProjectFUN Summer Workshops

Redmond, Washington, United States
Focus on: STEM

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Camp Category: Academics, Gifted, Languages, Math, Other Academics, Pre-College, Science, STEM, Arts, Ceramics, Music, Other Arts, Visual Arts, Day Camps, Specialty, After School, Home School, Sports, Archery, Technology, 3D-Design, Flash Animation, Computers, Game Design and Networking, Game Modding, Hardware, Programming, Robotics, Rocketry, and Virtual Camp

DigiPen’s ProjectFUN youth programs encourage students to explore the fields of Video Game Programming, Game Design, Fine Arts and Multimedia Production, and Engineering in a fun, hands-on learning environment.

Students of ProjectFUN gain more than a textbook understanding of their favorite subjects — they put their knowledge into practice through their own creative project like a game, animation, or programmed robot!  Through these projects and carefully guided classroom instruction, students enhance their problem solving and critical thinking skills, improve their knowledge of core subjects like math and physics, and excite their interest in the academic concepts underlying modern technology.

Students connect classroom concepts with real-world challenges and develop the values of lifelong learning and academic excellence as they explore a range of industries.

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