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CodeREV Tech Camps

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Camp Category: Academics, College Prep, Math, STEM, Day Camps, Technology, 3D-Design, Computers, Game Design and Networking, Game Modding, Hardware, Programming, Robotics, and Web Design

CodeREV Kids is where campers of all types attend for a week to make friends and learn skills that last a lifetime. Why are CodeREV Tech camps so special? Let’s start with our instructors: Each CodeREV Mentor has between 2-14 years’ experience teaching technology to kids, and have graduated from our industry proven training and selection process. Our instructors have worked at places such as Google, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Sony, Sega, Riot Games, and more, and many are real teachers and trainers, so you know when you sign up for CodeREV Tech Camps that your kids are in great hands at camp!

Why else is CodeREV the right place for your kids? CBS called CodeREV the Best Unique Summer Day Camps in part because our campers create projects that they love through our proven and innovative classes. We have super, super smart professionals with PhD’s and Masters degrees from schools like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, who team up with real industry leaders and teachers to create and test our curriculum. We test our curriculum with real kids throughout the school year to hone and perfect it so it’s just the right balance of fun AND education, and so campers leave camp with confidence having learned what it means to be the creators of tomorrow, and that building what they dream up is not only incredibly fun, but also amazingly rewarding. When you talk about cutting edge content, we at CodeREV are neck deep in things like Virtual Reality and our own custom Creator Bot kits that kids can take home after camp to continue to build on for a small fee and huge discount.

Cutting Edge Tech!! Some of the newest programs that CodeREV offers are our Virtual Reality Game Design classes which utilize amazing game design and animation software, our Roblox Game Design class that combines game design and VR, and our REV Engineering and REV Robotics classes that combine building electronics, arming bots with claws, cool lights to light up, speakers, and ultrasonic sensors, and coding bots so that can speak back to you in your own voice, as well as mind-blowing robot races and challenges and friendly competitions.

Want to know what your kids are doing all week in camp? That’s why we built our useful parent portal and custom mobile app. This is where you can view instructor reports on your camper progress, daily outlines of what they worked on, and a camp portfolio after camp ends that includes code files to download, camper presentations, and pics of the work they made that week at camp! You also get special discounts through the app, and can see or update your registration info, as well as get in touch your your camp director or lead instructor quickly and easily, and lastly, view camp pics in real time throughout the camp week. We’ve streamlined everything to optimize your camp experience as a parent too!!