Bleu Blanc Rouge French Art Fun Summer Camp

Bleu Blanc Rouge French Art Fun Summer Camp

New York, New York, United States

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Camp Category: Academics, Languages, Arts, Arts and Crafts, and Sports

BLEU BLANC ROUGE  camp (3 to 10) Summer Fun in French Day Camps Total immersion in french
Voyage Around the World, This summer, kids embark on a thrilling adventure en français as they discover myths, legends, tales, and secrets from around the world!
Learning a new language is joyeux at Bleu Blanc Rouge NY summer camp  Enfants can enter at any skill level to learn more about French language and culture, both through a traditional class setting and through activities centered around book titles they know and love—like The Little Prince, cooking class, science every week — and participate in unusual workshops like yoga or tennis, funambulist, theater and fashion show performance.

Kids will laugh, play, explore, and stay active all summer long during these week-long full-day camps. Activities change every week.
Last but not least,
 Thursdays are for special
 events and field trips to adventure-worthy spots like
the Museum of Natural History, MET, MOMA  and Victoria Gardens amusement park, bienCentral Park, Governor island, where kids test out their vocabulary. Tres Bien!

Ages 3–10. Whether your child is brand new to French or already proficient, these day camps will help them improve their French while having fun and making new friends.
Sign up by May 31 to get a special discount and we offer before-camp and after-camp childcare.


Monday–Friday, 9am–4:30pm, $540* per week
— Morning 8-9am for $15 per day
— Afternoon 3:30-5:30 pm for $30 per day cash only


Save 5% when you sign up siblings for 1st and 2nd week, regardless of age.
Save $520 when you sign up for multiple weeks including non-consecutive weeks.

payment cash, check or credit card at ( no discount with this payment by credit card and no extra charge ):

Sign up for all eight weeks for maximum fun and learning!

Visit Website


28 Gramercy Park south / subway 6/4/5 N/R/Q bus 23rd….


Brigitte, Cecile Colin Anne-Iris, Caroline , Charlotte

PS: from September to June weekly french class offer individual to group of 3 students

You can sign by day if you travel in NYC with your children at $150
Typical Day

9-9.15 am: Drop-off and welcome

9-9:30am: Assembly

9:30-10:15am: Song-Singing

10:15-10:30: am: Snack (provided)

10:30-11:15am: Creative activites

11:15-11:50am: Park/Games

11:55am-12:20pm: Lunch time

12:30-1:30pm: Homework/Nap

2-2:30pm: Creative activities

2:30-3pm: Story time & Conversation

3-3:30pm: Movements and Yoga

3.15-3:30am: Assembly, exchange opinion

Extra Childcare

8 - 9am -  3:30 - 5:30pm

Two ways to save:
When you sign up sibling.

Regardless of age!

When you sign up for multiple weeks, including non-consecutive weeks!

BLEU BLANC ROUGE summer camp and french class from Sept to June

10 REASONS TO JOIN A SUMMER CAMP BLEU BLANC ROUGE with Brigitte Saint-Ouen  "à la française*"

1.  We do not forget our Bonnes Manières*
Yes, class and gallantry in the French way do not have any price, do they?

2. New York is full of little Frenchies
According to the estimate, almost 16 000 young New Yorkers would have French as shared language.

3.  Because “French fashionable in New York”
You don’t believe me? Check here: Huffington Post 13.02.2013

4.  Our fridges also deserve the French touch
They may are not signed by Monet and Chagall but the chef-d’oeuvre of your kids are also worthy of appearing on our fridges.

5.  Have you heard about Jean Dujardin?
Thanks to our cinema activity, our young campers can also have a while of actor studio, impression of new wave guaranteed with our pirates!

6.   We cannot resist to the culture…
This is what we believe and that is why we propose museum visits with friends and animations dedicated.

7.  Forget the Déjà Vu?*
Promised, it is well known, we won’t do anything like the others.

8.   Cooking Macarons* is easy as Pie!
We take up the challenge again this year, Ladurée should behave themself!

9.  The Big Apple… But without pips
Mom and Dad can discover the city peacefully while their lovely toddlers are safe hands.

10. Because that French Je ne sais quoi*…
… can only be learned here!

Camp since 2010 - Bleu blanc Rouge for kids only sorry!....