Alexa Café All-Girls STEM Camp Held at Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, United States
Focus on: STEM

Camp Category: Academics, College Credits, College Prep, Arts, Day Camps, Technology, 3D-Design, Computers, Digital Photography, and Digital Video

Experience a collaborative all-girls tech camp

Our all-girls summer program combines tech, entrepreneurship, and social activism, empowering the next generation of women in STEM.

At Alexa Café, girls tap into the power of technology, exploring leadership, entrepreneurship, and social activism along the way. Ideas take shape around cafe tables in a fresh, empowering setting. New friends join forces and collaborate to better our world. Whether your daughter wants to code an app for charity, design her own video game, engineer wearable electronics, or discover the secrets of cyber security, she’ll create a project she’s passionate about and join an inspired community of girls in STEM.

With personalized instruction and an average of 8 students per instructor, this is anything but a typical classroom environment. We take the pressure off so your daughter can get straight to what matters—building a love of learning, collaborating with new friends, and bringing her final project to life with unabashed creativity.

Coding, Photography, Video Production, and Robotics courses Include:

  • 3D Studio: Modeling and Animation
  • Code Café: Development with Java
  • Engineer Shop: Build and Code Wearable Tech
  • Film Studio: Video Production for Social Movements
  • Game Station: Code Games with Java
  • Photo Booth: Pro Photography for Instagram
  • Print Shop: 3D Printing with Take-Home Printer
  • Robo Squad: Robotics and AI with Your Own Cozmo

iD Tech also offers tech camps for ages 7-17 and teen-only academies.

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