2019 Adventure Summer Camp at Childcare Network

2019 Adventure Summer Camp at Childcare Network

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Focus on: Adventure

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Camp Category: Adventure, Arts, STEAM, and Day Camps

Childcare Network’s Adventure Summer Camp is designed with fun and educational activities that will keep you child learning, exploring, and physically active during the summer months. Our STEAM-focused curriculum incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, and is designed to inspire curiosity and creative problem-solving.

Designed to provide a fun and exciting environment — while continuing to help them explore and discover the world around them — our kid’s day camp provides your child the opportunity to participate in different weekly themes chock-full of engaging activities, educational field trips, and creative projects they get to do with their friends.

This summer, our theme is Mission: Mash-Up!

Each week, your child will meet a character from a popular children’s adventure story who has been kicked out of their original home and placed in different settings throughout space and time. The mission each week is to travel to these faraway lands, find the characters, and help bring them back to their original stories. Hands-on activities, outdoor adventures, field trips, and more will take learning outside of the classroom!

Adventure Summer Camp at Childcare Network offers your child a safe, caring environment to learn, explore and have FUN! Our 2019 "Mission Mash-Up" theme incorporates age-appropriate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) activities to inspire curiosity and creative problem-solving. Research has shown that students lose between two and three months of math and reading skills in the summer... but not with our Adventure Summer Camp!

Childcare Network Adventure Summer Camp is for "Young Achievers" ages 5-12. We have fun summer activities planned for children of all ages, with a different theme each week to ensure exciting learning all summer long.

Green Triangle:

Your school-ager will use all of the "lost" items she can find to escape from the Bermuda Triangle with the help of other famous explorers in history.

Train a T-Rex:

A crime-fighting canine and his friends save and train a T-Rex while they discover many fascinating things about the Cretaceous Era!

Magic in Space:

A wizard has to find his way home from outer space using only a homemade rocket ship and all he knows about propulsion, gravity, and more. His magic won’t help him now!

Inventing Italy:

This week children will be designing their own inventions, just as Leonardo Da Vinci did hundreds of years ago.  Through an innovative blend of art, science, and engineering, children will solve real world problems using their wildest imaginations!

Save the Amazon:

This week children will learn about endangered species and the causes that have pushed these animals A superhero king is leaving his home nation of Africa and venture to the Amazon Rainforest to save endangered species of animals and plants!

Wild Treasures:

Can a superhero follow his treasure map through the Wild Wild West? This mission will incorporate the use of computer programming and algorithms to help find buried treasure in the Wild West!

Ice Age:

During this mission students will learn about climate, weather, and different environments as they explore the Ice Age of 12,000 years ago.

Heart of the Ocean:

Adventure Summer campers will help the king of Atlantis prevent one of the most famous disasters in American history — the sinking of the Titanic. Learning about buoyancy, density, and ocean life, children will use all the tools at their disposal to keep the Titanic afloat and save thousands of lives.

Castle Craft:

This week the explorers will become architects and engineers as they build a castle. In the process of building, they will learn about center of gravity, balance, structural design, and planning so all of their creations are structurally sound and stand the test of time.

Tokyo Power:

The Young Achievers will be traveling to the future to learn about electricity and technology. In the future, everything will be powered by electricity. If the power goes out, we better know what to do! By learning about circuits, currents, and how electricity is created, Young Achievers will restore power back to Future Tokyo.

Colossal Canyon:

Students will learn about erosion and geology as they discover how the Grand Canyon was formed. As they learn about all types of geology and how erosion happens, they will see how rain, rivers, wind, and snow all play an important part in shaping the world we live.

Atlantis Raid:

Finally, we are going to travel to the lost city of Atlantis to discover their ancient hidden secrets and technology! By decoding the Atlantean language using a cypher, children will learn a core concept of computer science while also gaining an understanding of ancient cultures.

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