Rocky Hill School East Greenwich RI

Greenwich, Rhode Island, United States

Camp Category: Chess, Computers, and Game Design and Networking

Active Learning provides a variety of challenging, fun day camp experiences in cities all over the country.

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USAChess Chess camps : Professional chess coaches teach children of all abilities ages 5-15 to learn and improve their games. Each half day session includes lessons and chess play. What a great way to expose children to one of the greatest games of all time!

Video Game Creation using GameMaker Software: Children actually create their own video game! Three styles of game are offered including our Arcade style game (All action for each level is on one screen like Pac Man or Asteroids); our Platform Style game (a side-scrolling game like Mario or Sonic where the character walks, jumps, climbs and fights bosses while collecting prizes; and our advanced 3D Concepts game where we show how real game programmers introduce 3D looks in a 2D enviroment.

Scratch Animation: Children learn to program animated short stories using scratch.

Video Game Creation Kodu Software: Children build one of two styles of game using Microsoft’s educational software Kodu. Games include an Adventure Game like a first person game were the character works his way thru a maze while battling bots, and a Go-Kart style game where the character Go Carts race, or Rovers collect minerals while battling the clock and flying saucers.

Each program is a half day so kids can choose two programs to make a full day. (Only select options available at each location).

07/24/2017 to 07/28/2017